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Fake money circulates through North Alabama; check your wallet

Fake money circulates through North Alabama; check your wallet

Over the past four weeks, the Decatur Police Department has received counterfeit $100 bills.

The bills in question are from the 1996 to the present bill design.

Local businesses and residents need to know what to look for in a $100 bill.

The security features include a watermark of Benjamin Franklin to the right side of the bill, optically variable ink that changes from green to black when viewed at different angles, a high quality portrait of Benjamin Franklin, fine line printing around Franklin’s portrait and Independence Hall, interwoven red and blue silk fibers through out the bill, microprinting, and a plastic security thread (which reads USA 100) located to the left of Franklin’s portrait.

The quickest way to confirm any of the new style bills is to hold the bill up to the light and look for two key features:

1) The security thread will have both the word “USA” and a number that corresponds to that bill’s value imprinted on it (a $100 bill’s security thread will read “USA 100”).

2.) The watermark will match the individual’s portrait on the front of the bill (a $100 bill’s watermark will match the portrait of Benjamin Franklin).

If anyone receives a counterfeit bill, please notify your local police department.