This Privacy Policy, also referred to as “Policy”, is an integral part of Terms of Service (“Terms”) and describes how we uses and protects the information we process about our users. Any use (including registration or visit) on or of our Website, is subject to this Privacy Policy (including Our Cookie Policy, please see the relevant section below) and updates thereof. All the terms and definitions in this Policy are used in the meaning set out in Terms, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

# A. About our Privacy Policy in Simple Words

We offer our users choices about the data we collect, use and share as described in this Privacy Policy: provide different settings available for both registered and non-registered users and provide the options to adjust them by sending us an automated request or email via care about the safety of your personal data and wish to make your customer experience a pleasant one. For this reason, we use the best available technologies to provide you with an ability to enjoy tailored content anytime, take advantage of efficient and secure payment processing, delivery options and many other features that we hope you will truly enjoy. You will have the opportunity to manage personal data settings in your profile right after you register and accept our Terms.

Your privacy is secured with us. We do not disclose your identity to any third party for any reason. The data we collect from you is only used by us to facilitate the delivery of our products and services.

# Data that we collect and process

Most of the data we process we collect from you when you use our Services via various forms and interactions with our interfaces. In addition to this, some data relating to you is generated on our side. Finally, when you log in via your preferred social network, you may grant us permission to process additional data recorded in your social network’s profile (e.g. your profile picture).

# Data you provide to us regarding yourself

In course of your use of our Services, you provide us with certain information necessary for the operation of your account, such as your name, your interactions with our services as well as whether your age is above 18 (for purposes of protection of minors against explicit content), gender, age range.

In order to place orders, you may also save your delivery address as a template to be shared with merchants upon the conclusion of transactions with them. In certain cases, for the delivery to take place, we may also need to collect your passport details and/or VAT identification numbers due to local regulatory requirements.

Following the placement of orders, we will allow you to manage such orders from your account.

While you use our Services, you may contact our support agents at any time. Please note that your interactions with the support agents are monitored and may be stored following the resolution of your issue in order to assist you in subsequent inquiries as well as to improve our Services.

# Data on user preferences and behavior

This data includes, inter alia, your user id, UTM labels, when you visit sites that include our plugins, ads, cookies, or similar technologies, we receive the relevant information about your visits and interaction with third-party services provided by others, the country where you are currently located, the list of products that you viewed, opened, searched and purchased, advertising that you click on, cookies, device information and internet protocol (“IP”) address (if applicable). If you use our App from a mobile device, that device will send us data about your chosen language interface based on your phone settings, your advertising ID, user id. We do not identify your precise location unless you choose to use our location-specific services and provide us with consent to process such data. We may also obtain additional available information regarding your device in order to tailor the Services to you.

# Information on the orders

This data includes e.g. information on purchased items, their size, and color, delivery details, your contact details, shipping information, last selected pickup point, your email address, your phone number

Such information might be transferred to our counterparties (both in the EU and other countries), including the merchants and postal companies, support service agents.

# Information on payments

While you perform payments for your orders you provide us with payment data (e.g. cardholder name, account names in the third-party services). We handle this data securely, and we’re certified PCI-DSS 3.2.1 standard compliant for processing cardholders’ data. We can also share this data with other authorized counterparties (both in the EU and other countries), including payment processors. Most of this data is immediately deleted after necessary processing. The purpose of such data processing is to support your payments and prevent any sort of fraud and identity theft, to assist with identity verification.

# User-generated content

To make us more useful, users may review products, and can ask and answer questions about products and use our social features. This information (the review itself, picture if you or your social network shared it with us and name) is public and can be searchable by general search engines. We support anonymous product reviews, if you wish to remain anonymous for these purposes.

# Technical data generated by your use of the Services

To improve Service, we collect any issues that users encounter in our apps and web and collect Anonymized Data about hardware and software properties and actions. For these purposes, we collect e.g. the following data: technical device information (hardware model, OS version, our app version, screen dimensions), connectivity information — such as IP address, connection time to our server, and some other technical information. Such information might be transferred to the processors and other counterparties for further processing and investigation if needed.

We further generate certain logs that relate to your use of the Services, including transaction data, Services interaction data, etc.

# Information we receive from third parties

Users prefer their orders and other user-generated information to remain safe and up to date when changing or using numerous devices. To make this possible, we support registration through social networks, so that your user account can be accessed in the future.

Should you decide to use your social media login (e.g. Facebook Login) to create and log into your account, you share some information (including your social id with us, as well as other information that you choose to share when establishing your social login, including your name, photo, gender, etc.). This saves you from having to remember yet another username and password. We may receive info about you from our partners, e.g. when our ads are published on our partners’ websites and platforms (they will share with us details on the marketing aspects).

# Duration of processing

We process your data no longer than it is necessary for the purposes identified in this Policy. Unless we are obligated by law to retain such data (for example, under Latvian accounting law), we safely delete or anonymize the data so it may no longer be attributable to you in accordance with our retention policies. We may keep de-personalized information after your account is closed.

Below you may find the factors we take into consideration when determining specific retention periods:

  • For processing based on your consent we store your data as long as necessary to achieve the purpose indicated in your consent or until you withdraw it, whichever earlier;
  • For processing based on the performance of a contract with you the retention period is generally the duration of the contract;
  • For processing based on our legal obligation, the terms are provided under the relevant law;
  • For processing based on legitimate interests, the specific retention term is determined based on the balance between risks for your rights and freedoms against our legitimate interests.